Survival Kit for Women and Children – Easy & Safe Protection

Daily, we read the news about the sufferings of thousands of women and children being beaten, abducted, raped and murdered. While this issue is much more pronounced in recent years the problem has not disappeared yet. Many people think just because they are not those who have suffered or those in their kinship, they are sadly mistaken.

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Millions of women and children suffer from one or more of these harmful detrimental evils. There are some ways you can help prevent this, but none is better than the team of both women and children empowered enough to protect themselves from abusers. As a former subject of being a victim, I, have one of my missions in life to assist those who have suffered like the way I did. I want people to be able to protect themselves so they can live to see next day of their life. Personal safety relief supplies which I prefer for women and children and even men, will have the capability to protect themselves at a level they could never thought possible. Continue reading

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Emergency Checklist for Young Children Camping

Survival for camping emergencies outdoors is more than an adult only challenge.  Young children face special needs such as safe food, water, and hygiene.

A children’s survival backpack can be created for each trip and should include:

  • Water  -   in the form of water boxes for convenience and longevity, water purification tablets, or a bottle water treatment system.
  • Food  -  in the form of energy bars which are compact and easy to pack.  A variety of flavors is preferred.  The bars with chocolate may melt in hot climates. Depending on the trip, taking more is better than not having enough.  Trail mixes are also a good source of energy which can be purchased or make your own.
  • Safety  -  having a rechargeable flashlight like the shaker or squeeze style.
  • Communication  -  glow sticks that can last for several hours each and a  whistle for identifying ones location.  The 5 in 1 whistle has a loud tone that can be heard a mile away, as well as a compass, mirror for signaling, flint starter, lanyard to carry it around your neck, and water proof case.  Hand crank radios with emergency features such as a flashlight, cell phone charger, receiving alert notices if the radio is on, and weather alerts.
  • Warmth  -  polar fleece blanket for warmth and bedding, poncho to protect from the elements, gloves, body warmers, and dust masks.  A ski cap is small enough to pack and would help keep body heat from escaping.
  • First-aid  -  band aids, sheer strips, antibacterial strips and gauze pads seem to be the basics. Take a bee sting medication if one is allergic.  A snake bite kit might be a good idea if the area you are traveling is invested.  Take any other allergic medications if  necessary.
  • Hygiene  -  Body wipes and tissues are good to have packed in case the need arises.  Toothbrush and toothpaste are important items even in emergencies.
  • Entertainment  -  children often need a diversion and including coloring books, crayons, jump rope, checkers, and chalk may help in keeping them calm.

It is better to be prepared for the worst and then not need it.  Carrying a backpack with these items makes it possible to keep your children safe.  All the necessary items would be together and available in the case of an emergency.  Even after the trip, keeping the backpack handy would be a good idea.


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School Survival – 10 Steps to Survive a Disaster

If you are an educational professional and a crisis such as a fire, earthquake or tornado strikes, your instant consideration must be school survival. Although the chances of such events occurring are extremely rare you must be educated and know what to do. Accordingly, below are 10 points you should be aware of which will keep your students safe during a disaster.

The tips below were based on a class of 30 kids. Be sure to adjust amounts given accordingly to fit your particular classroom.  It is wise to stock school survival equipment in an enclosed container or if able, a camping type toilet.  School survival supplies must be kept hidden in a safe place such as a janitor’s closet or teacher’s lounge.

1. Be sure that you are prepared with an adequate supply of food. You should keep at least four – 2400 calorie food bars for each child. This food should provide every person with enough energy to help them endure a classroom lockdown situation.  Be certain to purchase food bars that have a five year shelf duration. It is also a good idea to keep some sweets which can help the kids take their minds towards something enjoyable. Continue reading

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